About us

Centre for Policy Writing (CEPOW) is a Madrid-based, international institute that offers professional training and support in policy advocacy through written policy formats. We organize seminars and workshops on how to write policy-oriented documents and offer professional consulting services for policy writing.

The CEPOW team consists of a group of experts in policy writing. On top of the core team, CEPOW strives to cooperate with policy specialists, practitioners and leading editors and journalists. By bringing together experts of different backgrounds, we add diversity, quality, universality, depth and breadth to our key objective – to teach you how to structure and write quality policy documents.


We founded CEPOW in the hope of advancing the way institutions, organizations and influential individuals communicate policy problems, goals and means to solve public issues. CEPOW offers unique expertise in how to advocate for policy change. It strives to do so by providing knowledge in writing policy documents.

We believe that effective, knowledge-based and fact-based writing can and should have an influence on policy making. This is exactly why we reach out to those people who may gain from policy writing skills the most: policy institutes, journalists, think tanks, non-governmental organizations and academia, but also independent researchers/analysts and policy experts.


Values and opinions on policies should go together with scientific evidence. On the one hand, every society rests upon a set of values. The logic of intervention in every public policy should be guided by principled values which the policy aims to attain.  On the other hand, science and facts should matter in what is often termed evidence-based policy making. Our starting assumption is that the two sides can be reconciled. This commitment to evidence- and value-based policy drives us as an organization.