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Are you looking to build your employee’s skills in structuring and writing policy-oriented documents? Are you trying to advocate for a policy and seek assistance in creating impact? We are here for you!

At the moment, we offer two types of multi-participant seminars that you can choose from:

  1. Op-ed writing seminar – Knowing how to write quality op-eds is equally important to a variety of professions – academic researchers, policy and communication officers, analysts, employees in think tanks or research institutes, journalists, advanced students of media, political studies or public policy, politicians, assistants to MPs and others. We provide 1-day seminars, including a workshop on the essential know-how of writing and pitching well-grounded and quality op-eds. How to structure an op-ed? What are the characteristics of a good op-ed? How to get it published in a far-reaching media outlet? This training covers these questions and more.
  2. Policy brief seminar – Primarily intended for team members of consultancies, lobby organizations, NGOs and other policy officers who seek to influence the policy-making process, be it domestically or internationally. In a two-day programme, we teach you how to write an effective, high quality advocacy (policy) brief, tailor-made for the specific audience that you target. We look at your research and your interest and find the best way to communicate your policy position, in a convincing and succinct manner.

Our working methods are inclusive. We use an interactive, learning-by-doing, service learning approach. We rely on your inputs, insights and expertise. We do not lecture, we guide and advise. We provide you with top-notch speakers and work with you collectively and in groups.

In addition, we are open for individual or group consultations, either in person or online via Skype and e-mail.

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